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 Webinar Series

The Chair in Waste and Society hosts a Webinar Series which serves as an interactive forum for research engagement. To receive future Webinar invitations, please send your contact details to

18 June 2020 Prof Martin Oteng-Ababio
Facilitator: Dr Melanie Samson
(University of the Witwatersrand)
The informal e-waste recycling sector in Agbogbloshie Ghana: One label, many lives  DOWNLOAD
16 July 2020 Prof Kubanza
(University of the Witwatersrand)
Facilitator: Dr Lizette Grobler
(University of the Western Cape)
Some happy, others sad: exploring environmental justice in solid waste management in Kinshasha  DOWNLOAD
30 July 2020 Thea Schoeman and Liza Marie Volschenk
(University of Johannesburg)
Facilitator: Dr Suzall Timm (University of Johannesburg
TBC: Perceptions about separation at source in Johannesburg and Drakenstein DOWNLOAD
14 August 2020 Charlotte Nell
(Stellenbosch University)
Facilitator: Dr Marlin Hoffmann (University of the Western Cape)
Change in household waste composition over time  DOWNLOAD
3 September 2020 Waste Society
(University of Lapland)
Facilitator: Prof Catherina Schenck
(University of the Western Cape)
Meet and greet session (limited attendance)
17 September 2020 Prof Jutta Gutberlet
(University of Victoria, Canada) Dr Melanie Samson
(University of the Witwatersrand)
Facilitator: Prof Linda Godfrey
TBC: Discussion between Prof Gutberlet and Dr Samson on informal waste reclaimers  DOWNLOAD
1 October 2020 Prof Catherina Schenck and Dr Lizette Grobler
(University of the Western Cape)
Facilitator: Prof Derick Blaauw
(North West University)
 Littering: Perceptions from Drakenstein, Mankweng and Calvinia DOWNLOAD
14 October 2020 Prof Rebecca Davios
(Texas State University)
Facilitator: Prof Rinie Schenck
(University of the Western Cape)
TBC: Illegal dumping in the USA 
5 November 2020 Mr Alex Kimani
(University of the Western Cape)
Facilitator: Dr Rissa Niyobuhungiro
(University of the Western Cape)
TBC: Illegal Dumping in Drakenstein Municipality 
12 November 2020 Mr Johnathan Goeiman:
(University of the Western Cape)
Facilitator: Dr Takunda Chitaka
(University of the Western Cape)
The ‘Bakkie Brigade’ in Cape Town’s urban waste economy: exploring waste mobilities and the precariat  DOWNLOAD
11 February 2021 Prof Linda Godfrey Waste RDI Roadmap manager CSIR
Facilitator: Professor Jochen Petersen
“Why research is important: Placing South Africa’s research within the context of key issues facing the waste sector” DOWNLOAD
18 February 2021 Dr Anesu Makina
Facilitator: Professor Henrik Ernston
 Understanding the codes of conduct in the informal waste sector DOWNLOAD
25 February 2021 Dr Melanie Samson
(University of Witwatersrand)
Facilitator: TBC
 Designing Waste Picker Integration Programmes: Seven Key Questions DOWNLOAD
11 March 2021 Mr Rob van Hille
(Private consultant)
Facilitator: Dr Marlin Hoffman
“Jou ma se Tupperware”(your mother’s Tupperware)- insight into the re-usebehaviour of PP tubs  DOWNLOAD
25 March 2021 Dr Nate Millington, Prof  Henrik Ernston and Dr Kathleen Stokes
(University of Manchester)
Facilitator: Dr Melanie  Samson
Turning Livelihoods to Rubbish”: Understanding the Political Ecology of Urban Waste in South Africa
8 April 2021 Prof Catherine Alexander
(University of Durham)
Facilitator: Pierre Reyneke
15 April 2021  Mr Teemu Loikanen
(University of Lapland)
Facilitator: Dr Lizette Grobler
 “Infrastructural Waste Citizenship in Finland”
22 April 2021 Dr Kathleen Stokes
(Manchester University)
Facilitator: Professor Henrik Ernston
Waste Labour and Infrastructural Citizenship: State-led Community Waste Initiatives in South African Cities’ 
6 May 2021 Mrs Alison Davison
Facilitator: Prof Derick Blaauw
Buy back centres in Cape Town
13 May 2021  Prof Willie Haase



The objectives of the Waste & Society webinar are as follows: 
  • To share information among different stakeholders
  • To encourage the exchange of knowledge among different stakeholders
  • To build an analysis of key challenges and issues in the waste management sector
The deliverables of the Waste & Society webinar series ARE: 
  • Interaction with relevant stakeholders (public and private) in the waste management sector
  • Platform that brings together postgraduate students from different universities to share information and exchange ideas
  • Information sharing among different stakeholders
  • Cross-border platform of engagement about waste management on the continent and internationally   
To receive future Webinar invitations, please send your contact details to